Conference Program 2022

 Australasian Association for Literature Conference 2022 

‘1922 Turned Upside Down’ 

Conference Room, Level 9, 1PSQ, Parramatta City Campus, Western Sydney University 


9.15-9.30am Welcome to the event 

9.30-11.00am ‘Modernism, Prosaic and Extraordinary’ 

Ann Vickery (Deakin University), ‘Home is where Retribution Resides: Agatha Christie’s “The Wife of the Kenite” (1922)’’ 

Caroline Webb (University of Newcastle), ‘Resistance to Modernity in E.R. Eddison’s Heroic Fantasy The Worm Ourobouros’ 

Chris Conti (Western Sydney University), ‘The promise of life before death in Samuel Beckett’ 

11.00-11.30am Morning Tea 

11.30-1.00pm ‘Modernism, Periodisation and Revision’ 

Sean Pryor (UNSW), ‘What Are Years?’ 

Naomi Milthorpe (University of Tasmania), ‘The Mapp of 1922’ 

Paul Sheehan (Macquarie University), ‘Cowboy Angel: Bob Dylan’s Modernist Dream’

1.00-2.00pm Lunch (provided) 

2.00-3.00pm Keynote Presentation: Associate Professor Deborah Pike (University of Notre Dame), ‘1922: A Nomadic Reading’ 

3.00-3.30pm Afternoon Tea 

3.30-5.00pm Keynote Panel (by Zoom): ‘1922 and Thereafter: Bengali Modernisms in India’ 

Arka Chattopadhyay (IIT Gandhinagar, India) and Anuparna Mukherjee (IISER Bhopal, India), ‘Modernist Spaces in Rabindranath Tagore’s Lipika: From the Text to the City’ 

Sourit Bhattacharya (University of Edinburgh), ‘Modernism and Anticolonialism: Agnibeena (1922) and the Literary Militancy of Qazi Nazrul Islam’ 

Dipanjan Maitra (State University of New York at Buffalo), ‘Upside down: The Popular Press in Rajshekhar Basu’s Tales of Reverse Imperialism’ 

5.00pm – Delegates are welcome to join us for a drink and/or dinner at a nearby pub (venue TBA) 


9.30-10.30am ‘1922: Modernity, Transnationalism and Modernist Legacies’ 

Lynda Ng (University of Sydney), ‘Lu Xun’s Call To Arms: Literature, Modernity and the National Spirit’ 

Geoffrey Gates (Western Sydney University), ‘Post-Colonial Modernism: Max Aub’s Jusep Torres Campalans’ 

10.30-11.00am Morning Tea 

11.00-12.30pm ‘Perspectives on Modernist Representation’ 

Jack Jeweller (Western Sydney University), ‘Lifting the Veil of Form in Gerald Murnane: A Boothian Reading of A Million Windows’ 

Conall Cash (University of Melbourne), ‘Impersonality and Devastation: Flaubert 1857, Joyce 1922, Morrison 1970’ 

Beth McLean (University of Melbourne), ‘Luhan and Lawrence: Disorientation in Taos’ 

12.30-1.30pm Lunch (provided) 

1.30-3.00pm ‘Modernism and Anthropology’ 

Hart Cohen (Western Sydney University), ‘1922: Malinowski, Flaherty, Strehlow: Anthropology’s Modernist Revolution’ 

Anthony Uhlmann (Western Sydney University), ‘The Golden Bough, and the translation of Aboriginal Australian culture into literary Modernism’ 

Jumana Bayeh (Macquarie University), ‘Unreal Cities: London, Beirut and The Waste Land’ 

3.00-3.30pm Afternoon Tea 

3.30-5.00pm ‘Modernism Then and Now: Cli-Fi, Fantasy, Horror’ 

Cecilia Novero (University of Otago), ‘Avant-Garde Cli-Fi Avant-la-Lettre: Döblin’s Mountains Seas and Giants (1924)’ 

Xuehai (John) Cui (Western Sydney University), ‘Shamanic orality in A Journey to Steppe Mongolia by Uljiburin (乌力吉布林)’ 

Benjamin Muir (Western Sydney University), ‘Bridging 1922 and 2022: Giorgio Di Maria’s The Twenty Day of Turin’ 

5.15-6.15pm Keynote Presentation (via Zoom): Assistant Professor Heidi Stalla (Yale-NUS College), Title TBA