The Australasian Association for Literature (AAL) is a group that seeks to promote scholarship in literature, and a deeper understanding of how literature develops its own ways of thinking about the world. We have a particular interest in how literature interacts with other disciplines and knowledge systems (such as science, philosophy and history) and we encourage contributions that seek to understand what works of literature can do (how they affect us, and why). We also take works of literature to be important aesthetic objects, worthy of study in their own right, rather than as means of illustrating ideas drawn from other disciplines, or as simple outcomes of social forces. We understand works of literature to be active things that make us think in new ways about the world and this understanding underlies our commitment to the ongoing importance of careful scholarship related to literary texts.

The primary goals of the AAL are (1) to run an annual conference and (2) to publish the proceedings of this conference in a high-quality scholarly outlet. Proceedings of our conferences have appeared as special issues of Textual Practice and as edited volumes through Bloomsbury Academic and Edinburgh University Press.